I grew up with Unix and TCP/IP. I actually got involved with Unix in 1976! I have seen it all and done it all. A few months ago, when I could not answer a question in class directly, the student actually paid me a compliment: “Wow, you seem to have forgotten more about Unix then I will ever know about it.”

Having a thorough knowledge is one thing, being able to present it is quite another. I know not only what to tell, but also what not to tell — because it is information that is not important to the students at this moment.I have a university degree, and many of customers required me to have some formal proof of educational competence. Then I have peer reviews, and a least five days a year train-the-trainer each year. My largest asset is, however, my huge experience, not only with Unix and TCP/IP, but also with adult learning techniques and education. It pays off: in tje post class surveys over the last two years I had, on a scale of five, less than 5 percent of three, and zero percent of two or less!


I can deliver training for every level of user, on site or in our own facilities.

  • Management: What is Open Source? (½ day), What is Linux? (½ day); Linux distributions (½ day); Linux desktops (½ day), From Closed source to Open source (workshop, 1 day);
  • End-users: Unix for end-users (1 day), Introduction Unix (3 days), Introduction to networking with TCP/IP (2 days), TCP/IP fundamentals (3days), Introduction to vi (1/2 day), Advanced vi (1/2 day);
  • System Administrators: Unix System Administration (5 days),  Unix for Windows Administrators (4 days), Unix tuning ( 3 days);
  • Scripting: Using the Korn shell (3 days), Using bash (3 days), SED and AWK (2 days), Introduction Perl (under construction);
  • Network Administrators: TCP/IP Network administration (4 days), DNS & BIND (1 day), configuring NFS (1 day),  TCP/IP internals (2 days), Unix/Windows integration ( 2 days);
  • Security: Securing a Unix system (3 days), Network Security (3 days), Introduction to firewalls (1 day), Securing your Internet presence (2 days), Creating a Security Policy (under construction).
  • Storage: SAN, NAS en DAS, what is wisdom? (½ day); SAN essentials* (1 day), Basic SAN protocols* (1 day), Configuring NFS* (1 day), Configuring SAMBA/CIFS (1 day).

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